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Meet Our Active Team



  • Dr.
    Carlson Bell

    I want to be the best I can be: The best mom, the best wife, the best doctor/coach/cheerleader, in that order of priority.
    I also want to be the best athlete I can be, the best role model, the best friend, the best leader, and the smartest version of myself (you get the idea) that I can be.
    The ONLY Way I can be MY BEST, for any length of time, is to consistently take care of what I already have: my health, my physique, and my brain. It is not easy, and certainly not in the American culture of fast food, long hours, and instant gratification.
    However, it is the choice that I make every day, for me, for my family, for my patients. Some days are better than others – I like my pizza and cheese too! Come on! I am from Minnesota! We are honorary cheese heads, being that close to Wisconsin:) I try to make better decisions, MOST of the time. Perfection is not possible, and moderation is a good option – you have to be able to LIVE!

    What sets us apart from other chiropractic offices in Tempe is our sense of wellness and support from not only myself, but my staff as well. The spine and nervous system together are THE most important system of your body. They run EVERYTHING AND RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM EVERYWHERE! Every cell, muscle, tissue, ligament, tendon, and gland are controlled by your nervous system!

    Life has a tendency to bombard us with stressors – trauma, microtrauma, toxins, allergens, preservatives, pesticides, and prescriptions, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual stress. At. Every. Turn. The nervous system is singularly responsible for processing ALL of that information and directing the body in appropriate responses. And, if that is not enough, the brain then gets information back from the body, assesses it and responds again SEAMLESSLY… if you are subluxation free. Subluxation? That’s the magic word. Both good and bad, depending on you and your life. More on that when you visit us! We believe in removing subluxations, or misaligned vertebra that create interference to the nervous system, so that the body can perform at an optimum. Not only do we remove subluxations with adjustments, we also support muscle growth with exercise and lifestyle regimens specifically tailored to our patients and their individual needs. When you care for your spine, you also care for the whole body!

  • Heather

    Heather is my name and mommin’ is my game, haha! Hi! I am a wife and a mother of two very active toddlers. My daughter is four and my son is 1 1/2 years old. I have been working for Dr. Carlson for what will be three years in October. My journey with chiropractic care started when my daughter was eight months old and had been suffering from ear infections every couple weeks from birth. My sister, a Chiropractic Assistant in California, found Dr. Carlson for me through a pediatric chiropractic website. Having never have been adjusted myself and being raised in a home where antibiotics and pain meds fixed everything, I was very skeptical. However, my sister and her children are some of the healthiest, active people I know. We also knew that we could not keep shoving antibiotics down her throat, knowing in a few weeks we would be doing it all over again, and her pain was just getting worse. Our daughter went six months straight with no illnesses or ear infections. A weekly adjustment and a probiotic in her diet, and she was like a whole new child. My husband and I started adjustments on a regular basis after that, and also following a motorcycle accident. I was also adjusted through my son’s pregnancy and my birth experience was completely different than my first. Our son has been adjusted weekly since he was 30 hours old and has not suffered any major illnesses or ear infections like his sister. I became a Chiropractic Assistant for Dr. Carlson only seven months after my daughter’s first adjustment, and it has been my life’s mission to share my story with other moms who watch their children suffer with sickness and pain. I LOVE my job and our office, and all that we stand for!

  • Alyssa
    I am originally from sunny Southern California, but have been living here in Arizona for the last six years. Adjusting to the heat and dry weather was difficult at first, but I am happy to call Arizona home now. I am currently taking classes in order to attend chiropractic college beginning Fall 2019. When I was 15, I had spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis. I was a very active soccer player at that time, and was told that I had to quit playing and live more of an actively mellow lifestyle. Before I began working at Active Family Chiropractic, I had never stepped foot into a chiropractic office before; honestly, I was very fearful to get adjusted after having surgery. I grew up with allopathically minded parents who did not seek alternative treatment for anything - Tylenol and 'Tussin' were our solutions for EVERYTHING! Before receiving regular adjustments from Dr. Carlson, I had difficulty catching my breath doing something as simple as running up a flight of stairs. My quality of life was severely diminished, and at 26, there was no explanation for the limited lifestyle I was living. Now, I am able to work out with very minimal discomfort. I never thought I would be able to run more than a few laps around the track, but since working for Dr. Carlson, I have ran two SKs and a 10K. I am working my way to being able to run a full marathon in January 2018! I enjoy working for Dr. Carlson at Active Family Chiropractic because of the great support and encouragement that I receive on a daily basis. It is nice to be just starting on the journey of my medical career, and already have a place where I can come every day knowing that I have a group of supporters rooting for me. When I am not studying or working (which takes up the majority of my time), you can find me tearing up the dance floor to salsa or hip-hop music!

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We are located in the city of Tempe, where the fun in the sun never stops. We are only a mile from the Arizona State University main campus.